In the Field | Egrets

We recently came across the great photographs of David Hatfield and had to share them with you.
These shots were taken on Lake Conway.

"Egrets are normally "stalkers" when they fish, strolling casually along the shoreline occasionally striking at a small fish. Very infrequently will they fish "on the fly" like this. I normally will see this behavior only two or three times a year and then usually only with one or two birds. Right now, the circumstances are perfect for multiple birds in a great location to participate in this so the camera is out for the duration!"
"I've seen plenty of egrets fish on the fly, especially this week, but NEVER a Great Blue Heron, until this morning. He was moving away from me so I couldn't get his catch, but I was able to catch him coming up from his pass. Love these big birds!"
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