Field Test | How to Pick the Best Watermelon

The first key to selecting the best watermelon this summer is to make sure that it is from Cave City, AR.  We highly recommend Carter's.  Tell them cousin Heather sent you.  If you can't make it that far, Patterson's is set up on Cantrell.  After that, here are a few tips to help select the sweetest watermelon. 
Neater lines tells you that it recieved constistant rain, and the curly stem and darker color show correct aging and a sweet melon. 
Don't be turned off by the dark scars, those are only sugar spots and is a good thing when it comes to picking the right watermelon.  

If the bottom looks faded, you can be sure that it ripened in the field. 

Lastly, run your hand across the melon.  As the farmers say, if it feels like a chunky woman's thigh you know it is sweet. 

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