Field Trip | Collins Creek

"Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike."
-John Muir
The Natural State is filled with hiking treasures. For a quick trip, head to Collins Creek in Heber Springs. This 1/2 mile marked nature trail is easy for all ages. It follows the 50 degree trout filled creek. Don't forget your camera. The rock formations create beautiful waterfalls. 
At 18 inches, and 1 1/2 pounds, this Hatchet will not weigh down your pack, and will only make your trip easier.  Splitting wood, gathering kindling, hunting, and cooking are only a few of its many functions. 
Every day in nature is different. The same view is ever changing. Each time we go outside it is a new experience. Don't miss out. This tee says it all, go outside, live a little.  
Turn nature into a classroom. From birds and plants, to the night sky, Audubon Field Guides feature color photography and useful descriptions to know exactly what you are looking at.
Edible Wild Plants is a helpful guide when out in the thick of it.  It teachs what you can eat and options on how to prepare it. Don't get caught out without it.  
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