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Our most recent field trip took us to South On Main where Bartender David Burnett showed us how to craft the perfect fall cocktail.   Sweet potato lemonade is a festive, fall cocktail that is perfect for any occasion.  It's not too sweet, and it's not too out there.  If you can't make it to South on Main, below is the recipe for you to try at home. 

Sweet Potato Lemonade

>   1 1/2 oz. sweet potato purée*

>   1/2 oz. simple syrup
>   1/2 oz. lemon juice
>   2-3 oz. water
>   1 1/2 oz. vodka

*roasted sweet potatoes
equal parts brown sugar + water
cinnamon to taste

Shake; garnish with a lemon wheel and a dusting of cinnamon.

Note: Tastes better with a flannel shirt on. 

South on Main is located at 1304 Main St, Little Rock, AR 72202 
Follow them on Instagram @SouthonMain



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