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Cleaning and Care for your Case 
New pocket knives are shiny and razor-sharp. But old, beat-up knives tell the story of the person who carried them. If you own such a knife, here's how to clean it up without wiping away all of its history, so you can pass it down:

1. Start with a thorough cleaning. An old toothbrush will removed most o the dirt and crud. Reach deep into blade channels with a stiff nylon bristle brush. Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to scrub away years of ground-in gunk in the handle.

2. Reshape broken tips by removing metal from the back of the blade to regain the original contour. The easiest way to do this is by stroking it over a coarse stone in a circular motion. Avoid grinding wheels or belts, as they can overheat the blade and alter the temper of the metal.

3. To remove surface rust, dip the blade in CLR Rust Remover and buff it with a rotary tool equipped with a fine brass wire brush.

4. To polish the blade, switch the wire brush to a felt polishing wheel. Dip the wheel into the polishing compound and set to work on the blade.

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