Field Trip | The Innovation Hub

We recently took a field trip to The Innovation Hub, a collaborative and diverse community of all ages, interests, and skill levels. Located in North Little Rock's Argenta Historic District, this creative paradise is accessible and open to anyone who wants to learn and build.


The makerspace offers everything you need for a variety of disciplines, including cutting-edge equipment and technologies with experienced mentorship. From a full wood and metal shop to 3D printers and advanced computer technology, the sky's the limit!  "Geek," "nerd," and, "dweeb," are all terms that are celebrated here, so you'll feel at home no matter what you consider yourself.

Bring your vision to life in their arts and design studios. These inspired and innovative spaces encompass multiple mediums, including pottery/ceramics, painting, drawing, illustration, graphic design, printmaking, and screen printing. Resources, professional mentorship, and encouragement are all provided!

The workspace area is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who are looking for an inspiring and collaborative environment to launch new enterprises. Full of amazing resources and guidance, this space is there to help you avoid mistakes and accelerate your success as well as house a temporary office and conference rooms for a quiet space to create, convene, and collaborate.

The Innovation Hub believes that challenges of the 21st-century economy require us to do everything we can to develop, retain, and attract talent. That demands a collaborative community approach which exposes everyone to creative possibilities and offers ready access to the information, resources, and instruction they need to bring their ideas to fruition. Big thanks to these guys for creating an open environment with tools, technology, equipment, and support, along with the opportunity to learn and build through formal and informal programs. The result is an acceleration of innovation that leads to new products, new businesses, and new works of art, as well as an enhanced appreciation for what is possible when provided the pathways for every individual to realize his or her potential.

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