Field trip | Swimmin' Holes of Arkansas

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Nothing says summer like taking a dip in the ol' swimmin' hole. There are a few lists out there of the best in Arkansas. We've narrowed down our favorites for you.  Pictured above: Falling Water Falls located just off of Falling Water Creek Road near Pelsor in Pope County. Pack your lunch, grab the cooler, your trunks, a towel and cool off in the beautiful clear water of the Ozarks.

For the folks of Little Rock, one of our closest swimmin' holes, and just 38 miles west of town, is Lake Sylvia. It is an 18 acre lake located in the Ouachita National Forest just off of highway 324 near Perryville.Perfect for a day of swimmin' and picnicking.


Lake Bennett is a 40 acre lake located in Woolly Hollow State Park an hour north of Little Rock. You know how spending all day in the water under the sun can make you hungry? They have you covered with a snack bar! You can even clean up in their bath house before heading back home.


Blanchard Springs Recreational Area is fed by a large flowing spring that puts out 7,000 gallons of beautiful crystal clear water per minute. Located in Fifty Six, AR just north of Mountain View, it is one of the best spots to keep cool on a hot summer day in Arkansas.

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Field Test | Knife Sharpening with Dan's Whetstone

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Whether it's your Old Timer, kitchen knife, or the Case Knife that your grandfather gave you, we all hate dull knives.   They are not only frustrating, but dangerous.  The worst knife cuts I have ever had, were with a dull blade.  Well, just so happens that we have the best sharpening stone here in Arkansas.  Dan's Whetstone Company has been using genuine Arkansas Black Novaculite since 1976, and is the best sharpening stone we've used.  Match it with Dan's honing oil, for better results. 

We have put together this short video to show you how to properly sharpen your tool, to further productivity and to prevent injury.  



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