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USA 101 | Back to School

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"Back to school, back to school, to prove to dad that I'm not a fool." Billy Madison

If you are anything like we are, you had your first day planned out to a T.   Well, how about this?  We started with the Imogen + Willie Barton Slim in the Hittner wash to build around.   From there we went with a USA Tee from 80/20 with our favorite phrase on it, " USA Made."  We finished it off with the Round Toe Oro Legacyfrom Red Wing, and the American Trench socks in the in the all mighty Red, White, and Blue.

We know money is hard to come by when you have class all the time, studying, and all of the other "activities" around campus.   Here's some advise, pack a lunch in this Marlow Lunch Bag from Peg & Awl.  This way you are saving money, being environmentally friendly, and you can eat whenever you want.  No more waiting in line for some terrible cafeteria food.  

Tired of having the same Razorback shirt as the guy standing next to you?  Us, too.   We have some stellar tees, and with some of the logos from the glory days.  Don't leave for school without yours.

 Join us on August 20th for some fun and games.   We're holding the inaugural Domestic Domestic Paper Airplane Throwing Contest.   Food, you ask?  Peanut Butter, and Jelly Bar   Click here for more details. 

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Little Red River Pt. 2

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"Men may dam it and say that they have made a lake, but it will still be a river. It will keep its nature and bide its time, like a caged animal alert for the slightest opening. In time, it will have its way; the dam, like the ancient cliffs, will be carried away piecemeal in the currents."
-Wendell Berry

Don't get caught on the river without your floating koozie...grab your Mollyjogger Kool Kan and, of course, your Bare Bones Pilsner from Lost Forty Brewing.

Arkansas has fabulous flyfishing for trophy trout in the tailwaters of the White River and the Arkansas and Red Rivers, where each year, brown trout over 10 pounds are taken. Kinder and Limbaugh cover all of the fisheries, both rivers and lakes, teaching how and when to fish them in The Flyfisher's Guide to Missouri and Arkansas

 The classic Topo DesignsKlettersack is an ideal travel companion, workmate or pack mule for the daily hike or paddle on a lazy river. It has 1000d Cordura for the exterior and coated pack cloth for an entirely lined inner compartment. 


 There are a few pieces of gear that should always be mandatory when on any adventure in nature. One of those pieces is a Case knife. It can be used for simply cutting things like fishing line and rope or for a larger job like cleaning your dinner. 




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