Field Trip | Touring the Filson Factory

My favorite role in owning Domestic Domestic is the buying. I take great pride in the selection I bring to you guys. Each product decision is methodically executed to ensure you are intrigued by the selection and satisfied with your purchase. That satisfaction is not meant to be temporary but long lasting. I recently had the pleasure of touring the factory of Filson in Seattle, Washington. Filson is one of our top selling lines and one we are most passionate about. Their lifetime guarantee is a testament to quality. I wanted to see firsthand each step in creating such fine goods. This trip did not disappoint!  ~Heather D. Smith 

The Padded Computer Bag is composed of numerous panels. Seen here is the padding that may protect your multi thousand dollar laptop. Each seam on this bag is not simply sewn, but bound to ensure strength and durability. The workers that assemble these units work on a "fast" line and don't simply do their section and move on. They are knowledgeable in all steps and processes in each bag. On this day their unit target was 180 briefcases. 

Some of the equipment in the factory is highly technical and very modern. But some machines simply do their job well and don't need replacing. This sewing machine is from the 1940's and has installed countless D Rings on the sides of bags.

One of the most exciting sights at the factory was seeing this fabric. In collaboration with Mossy Oak, Filson is releasing new patterns this fall (which we have on order!) This is the Shadow Grass pattern of camo being made into the forthcoming Excursion Bag. This bag will be on every hunter's Christmas Wish List!



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