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Dual Sided Comb

  • Made of organic sandalwood
  • Medium teeth and fine teeth for all beard types
  • Total Length: 3.875" | Teeth length: 0.75"

  • There's beauty in the details—At first glance, it's easy to see your run-of-the-mill grooming tool with two sides with different teeth widths. But, upon taking a closer look, it's even easier to see the detail. A smooth, hand-polished body accentuates the natural wood grain that runs through the comb. In your hand, you feel a perfect balance of heft and lightness. And, beneath your nose, a calming woodsy fragrance is emitted from the natural sandalwood. The Zeus Organic Sandalwood Double-Sided Beard Comb shapes up to be one of Zeus' most beautiful products to date. Includes a genuine leather sheath.

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