National Audubon Society Field Guide to Reptiles & Amphibians

Why are some frogs able to freeze solid and still survive? How can secretions from amphibians offer scientists clues for treating human ailments? What allows reptiles and amphibians to regenerate their limbs? Reptiles & Amphibians, an exciting new Explore Your World™ handbook, incorporates the Discovery Channel's unique authoritative approach and acclaimed visuals to answer these and other questions in a captivating blend of information and entertainment. 

Reptiles & Amphibians features

  • Background information on evolution, anatomy, physiology, habitats, and life cycles of a range of reptile and amphibian families.
  • A detailed look at how reptiles and amphibians survive-how they eat, move around, defend themselves, and combat temperature extremes.
  • Examinations of metamorphosis, growth and longevity, and vocalization techniques.
  • Practical advice on how to responsibly study reptiles and amphibians in the wild or care for them as pets. 
  • An identification guide to more than 160 of the most fascinating herpetological species from around the world, organized by environment. 
  • More than 300 full-color photos and illustrations.

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