Weather Stick

  • Made in Vermont

"What's it doin' out there, y'all? Well, take a look-see, would ya?" From the folks on Davis Hill,  this Wooden Weather Stick will tell you what the weather is up to. If it's favorable and nice, the stick will point to the sky; and when it looks like the elements are gonna kick up a fuss, the stick will point to the ground. We haven't got an inkling as to how it works, but the "old timers" sure have faith in the twig so we'll stick to our wise elders' intuition. The Wooden Weather Stick should be mounted outdoors under the eaves, on a window frame, or on a porch, garage or barn wall— just be sure you can see from inside your house. When first installed, it will take a little while to get used to its new surroundings. But do be patient with it, and it will serve you well for a long time. Some have lasted fifteen years!

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1 xWeather Stick

We had one for years & our youngest son always looked at it & always said he wanted to get one. We ordered from you, got it & he put it up. Loves it. Thank you, Joyce Hrehor

weather stick right on

it works never saw another move so much

Weather sticks - great conversation piece

About as accurate in predicting tomorrow's weather as the 6 O'clock weather report but a wonderful conversation piece. Sticks cover a full 180 degree swing from pointing "straight up" on low humidity, bright & clear days to "straight down" in rain.


Weather Stick


I can't tell you how much fun we have watching our weather stick move according to the humidity in the air. It is fascinating to watch and I check it first thing every morning. Everyone should have one! Ordering was easy & I am very happy with the product. Thanks!

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