Mountain Light Cascade Clovis

  • Made in Oregon
  • 5" Height
  • EE Width

Danner full-grain leathers are the strongest and most durable form of leather. 100% waterproof and breathable, GORE-TEX liners ensure that no water or debris gets in, while allowing sweat and moisture to get out. Specifically designed for comfort and durability; the heel provides superb shock absorption and the rubber compound guarantees great traction and stability on both wet and dry surfaces.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
John Luzar
Overall great boots

I'm pretty happy with the boots for the most part. I like how the color darkens up after a weeks wear. The break in has been easy for most of the foot. The high ankle where the goretex meets the leather rubs. I'm still applying bandaids to stop the rubbing at this point. Overall the boots are a winner.

Benny McGee
Great boots at a great price!

I’ve been wanting a pair of these for years and glad I finally pulled the trigger! I’m a huge boot nerd who owns multiple pairs of Viberg, Alden, Han Wag, and Red Wing. I’m a 10.5 in Alden/Red Wing and went with a 10.5 in these and they fit perfectly. Build quality of these great, I can’t wait to see how they age and patina over the years.

Jose Torres

These are some of the best boots I've ever purchased. This store is really awesome and I'll definitely be supporting from now on.


Mountain Light Cascade Clovis

Great Boot ! Great Fit.

It did not come with the Plastic Insole my other Vibram Mountain Style boot came with. But it is a nice mid/heavy weight hiker durable and the gore tex is def a plus if youre out there in some rain or snow.

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