Universal Freshener

  • Made in Maryland
  • 16 oz.

Designed to keep you and your favorite garments looking and smelling better, longer.

The Universal Freshener is world-class scent, now as a freshener designed to leave any room, car, bag, bathroom, apartment, garment, friend, or family member fresh with a subtle, distinct edge.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
You'll have to beat your suitors off with a stick.

If a person who gets their hands dirty, and is attractive in a rugged sort of way is your thing then you're doing a disservice by not owning this. The smell is clean and foresty (my word, but you can use it.) I spray my linen and towels with it, my car, and from time to time my sweatshirts and jackets. I receive more compliments on this scent than any high-dollar cologne I've ever owned. I also recommend you go ahead and get the laundry detergent and dryer sheets, because there's no sense in half-assing anything that brings all the ladies to the yard. You'll think it evaporates quickly, but it lingers. Remember subtlety is key. You want to smell good, but you don't want you or your stuff to smell like the bottle. You want to incorporate this into your natural scents. Remember this isn't lysol, but it is essential oils so it won't permeate quite like aerosolized chemicals from a can.

It’s OK

The scent is very nice; but it evaporates quickly and won’t linger for too long. However, I suspect that’s the case with any air fresheners, hence the “OK” (three stars). Note: we're using it in our closet and small rooms.

Uncommon Quality & Scent

When I look for spray room fresheners I go tin Domestic Domestic, and the room fresheners go well on clothing and in vehicles, make it all smell amazing!

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