Chakra Worry Stone


Chakra Worry Stone

  • Approx. 1.5 inches long and 1 inch wide  
  • Weight Approx. .7 oz  
  • Unique and made of genuine stones  

A stone to sit in the palm of your hand and ease the weight upon your mind, this Chakra Worry Stone blends the energy of some of the worlds most powerful chakra healing crystals. Smooth to the touch and with a familiar comforting weight that helps guide the mind into an instantly more relaxed state, this Worry Stone ensures that all your seven chakras stay in check. 

“I invite balance, abundance, and clear passage for energy to flow”

-Amethyst for the crown chakra, our beacon of light that invites us to embrace a higher consciousness and find a purpose that goes beyond the ground beneath our feet. 

-Blue Aventurine for the third eye, where our intuition and innate wisdom swirls at the center of our universe. 

-Lapis Lazuli for the throat chakra, where our tools of communication sing out and where our authentic truth calls to be heard. 

-Green Aventurine for the heart chakra, where our ability to love, our compassion, and our emotional availability glows. 

-Yellow Quartz for the solar plexus in the pit of our stomach, where our sense of self-worth and confidence sits simmering with our fire energy. 

-Orange Aventurine for the sacral chakra, where our creative energy, passion and sexual prowess keeps us feeling fresh with abundance. 

-Red Jasper for the root chakra, where our full foundation holds us in sweet safety no matter the storms outside.