Classic Ring Boot

  • Made in Maine
  • Natural Leather and Thread
  • Antique Brass Hardware
  • Handsewn

A statement moccasin if there ever was one, from the Chromepak leathers (so stout only strong hands can get a handsewing needle through) to the rugged handsewn upper to the cinch strap closure threaded through welded alloy rings. You must commit to breaking these in, but once done, they will be with your for life. Handsewn chromepak leather sole that is highly appropriate for outdoor use. Eminently resolable.

Customer Reviews

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Quoddy Men’s Classic Ring Boot

Stumbling upon this store was definitely a happy accident. I’ve wanted a pair of Quoddy boots since the days when my father had a pair and for some reason, I just never pulled the trigger. What new information can I add to this that doesn’t go without saying? The craftsmanship is unparalleled and the leather (a beautiful Horween ®/Chromexel) feels exceptionally durable. I can tell they’re going to be a challenge to break in, but once I get there, there’s no reason I couldn’t wear these for > twenty years, especially considering that they can be resoled(!). On a side note, they feel oddly appropriate for the times we’re living in. Reevaluating consumer spending habits and the “more is more” ethos is long overdue, and they fit perfectly with the “less but better” approach to sustainability and conservation.

Fantastic shoe

Love this boot, highly recommend it!

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