Fish Bottle Opener

  • Cast iron with weathered bronze finish 
  • 7" x 2.5"
  • 4 oz.

Fashioned from heavy cast iron and refined with a weathered bronze finish, our fish bottle opener is a formidable force against beer caps and bottles alike. Grab this gill-bearing guppy for on the go tomfoolery or at-home festivities. Because really, what better way to get sloshed?

Customer Reviews

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Rae Hirst
Item as described.

Item arrived on schedule. I was surprised to see it had been removed from the cardboard it had been attached too. Besides that, item as described.

Robert Trowbridge
Beyond novelty

This bottle opener does just that... It opens bottles. But think about what buying American Made is supposed to mean. Durability, stylish, and does it's job well. There are plenty of other bottle openers out there, but you don't shop at Domestic Domestic just to own a bottle opener. You're looking for something that meets the standard and stands out. This is stylish, rugged, and remarkable. It looks good sitting on the bar when friends are over, it fits in the pocket of my soft-side cooler and travels well, and it's fun.Sure, your frat brother can open the same bottle with his teeth, but you're an adult now. It's time to start thinking about who you want to be. I hope you're thinking about being an adult who invests in things that last and represent your character.

Matt Mullen
cool gift

heavy weight.

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