Bass Fishing Brown Dogs & Curveballs

  • Written By Jerry McKinnis 
Sure, this is a book about fishing but it is not a fishing book.  You can read every word on all these pages and not improve, as a fisherman, one single bit.  However, you may be inspired to examine your own life and find that you too can have an incredible adventure.  Or maybe you’re already having one.

So the author of this book has a strong belief that many things in life are laid out in correct order, and in spite of what you may or may not do, they’re going to work out just like they’re supposed to.

So if that’s pretty much what the book is about, sounds to me like there are 3 or 4 hundred dull pages ahead.  But that’s not the case.  No not at all.

Number one, there will be no physiological preaching.  That’s not what the author does.  Instead you’re going to hear about these subjects – high school sports, minor league baseball, of course fishing, and lots of it.  How about a little romance and then the fishing leads to television production.

Then along comes ESPN, Coach Bobby Knight, Ted Williams and about every big time fisherman you ever heard of.

We say again, “you got to read this” and get ready for some real life.  Things like divorce, disappointments and even some financial struggles. 

Now wrap that altogether with 2 miniature dachshund (Norman & Archie) and you have an adventure well worth checking out. 

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