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Billy Magee Canoe Paddle

  • Made in Minnesota 
  • Length | 58"
  • Blade | 5" x 26" 
  • Average Weight | 22 oz.

Billy Magee was an Ojibwe trapper and guide from the early 1900s. He was also the exploring companion of conservationist and canoeist Ernest Oberholtzer. Certainly, their most notable adventure together was 2,000 mile, 4-month journey through largely uncharted territory ending at Hudson Bay – this trip was turned into the book Toward Magnetic North.

This design is painted on Sanborn's Canoeist Heritage Paddle. With an elegantly traditional blade shape these are graceful in and out of the water. They’re perfect for lazy turns around the lake or for gracing the wall of your cabin. Each is a laminated combination of western red cedar, aspen and black walnut, and finished with a durable varnish dip.

Colors: White, Eldorado, Orange and Poseidon Blue

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