Walking Ducks

  • Made in Arkansas
Quack, quack, quack - Kids (and adults) love to play with these walking ducks. The classic wooden walking duck with flapper feet will entertain for hours as the duck is pushed and the duck flaps and waddles along the way. The standard handle length is 28-inches and topped with a birch ball end cap. The duck body is 12 1/2-inches long and has an over-all width of 1-inch. In the pushed position, the head of the duck is 4- to 5-inches above the ground. Each duck is sanded smooth, painted, and will be unique. Colors vary.

Customer Reviews

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Probably the Best Thing Ever

Honestly, for a handmade item in the US that is made as nicely as this, the price is fantastic. I got this online for my son for Christmas, didn't know what to expect, but it absolutely has stolen the show. Everyone loves the simple yet oddly life-like way the duck flops its feet as it walks, and it's just a fun and simple toy that brings a smile to everyone's face. If you're on the fence, just get one. I've not had one person smile and ask about it if they happen to see it.

There can't be a better Walking Duck!

This is most most delightful walking duck I've ever seen! It's beautifully proportioned, with bright colors--AND the feet do appear to perform a wonderful flappy walk as the wings flap along just a bit.
The best walking duck--and just plain nice customer service.


I bought them for my nieces and nephews who are all 5 and under. Super cute and they love them!

Nostalgic Find

Got this for my nephew, so he can walk with the duck when he starts learning to walk. Takes me back to my childhood.


I sent as a gift and they enjoyed it !

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