Field Days

  • Small Business, Big Heart

    Small Business, Big Heart

    As a small business, we don't always have the resources or support staff of a big box store. However, what we lack in size, we more than make up for with a genuine regard for you and your needs. We...

  • The Best Darn Socks in the Biz!

    The Best Darn Socks in the Biz!

    This family-owned business has been committed to their craft for over 40 years now. Their mission is simple: to make the world's best socks in their home state of Vermont, and to stand behind them unconditionally. They are tough, independent,...

  • Heather's Top Gifts 🎁

    Heather's Top Gifts 🎁

    This special collection of favorites was curated by the Bosslady herself. Stop by the shop today and finish checking those names off your list. We are still fully stocked with great gifts and holiday cheer! Shop Heather's Top Gifts HERE.

  • That One Special Gift

    That One Special Gift

    We all love the holidays, but for the kids it is something else entirely. It’s the most magical season for them. School is out, snow is (hopefully) on the ground, but what’s really at the back of their minds are...

  • Scents of the Season

    Scents of the Season

    Fall is in full effect now! The leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. One of our favorite parts of this season is enjoying its signature aromatics- fresh pine and cypress, mulled cider, spicy notes of...

  • Perfect Skillet Rolls

    Perfect Skillet Rolls

    Is there anything better than soft, fluffy, dinner rolls brushed with melted butter? These skillet rolls make a delightful addition to any dinner table. Cooked & Served in the Finex 12" Cast Iron Skillet, they look lovely and taste even...