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Valentine's Day

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Full time shop owner, full time mom. We are always pushing for creative ways to celebrate holidays. Calvin's first Valentine's Day school party was a success!

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Field Trip | Yella Dog Press

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“A printer is only as good as their fonts,” says Kate Askew, owner of Little Rock’s Yella Dog Press.

The Letterpress Print Shop is one of our city’s coolest hidden gems. Utilizing two 1903 Chandler & Price flywheel presses, a 1962 Vandercook #4 Proof Press, two guillotine cutters, and over sixteen cabinets of antique wood and lead type, Yella Dog takes pride in doing things the old-fashioned way. 

We visited the print shop last week to learn about letterpress printing, and before we knew it, Askew had put us to work. We talked history, learned some tricks of the trade, and after a brief tutorial we were pulling our very own prints on the Vandercook. A good time was had by all!  


We learned that letterpress printing has coined many of the phrases we still use today. Ever been told to "mind your Ps & Qs"? It's believed this figure of speech originated with typesetters, who composed each word of metal type letters, carefully placing them from left-to-right and upside down. But backward-facing letters can be confusing, especially the mirrored ones. And thus the advice to be alert and watch the details. 


When the tutorial was complete, we put our new skills to the test on a design inspired by one of our all-time heroes: Willie Nelson. We were excited to take the Vandercook for a spin, but Askew reminded us to be gentle. "A good printer knows how to print without pressing through," she said. Each impression will be slightly varied, making it a unique masterpiece, and a lasting example of early American innovation. 

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Field Guide | Palomino Blackwing 73

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For hundreds of years, the striking beauty of Lake Tahoe has been a source of inspiration for countless artists. Now, it's magnificence is celebrated in a vibrant new summer edition pencil, the Blackwing 73. Each pencil is constructed of genuine incense-cedar and features a Tahoe Blue finish and raised texture that mimics the lake’s topography. These beauties won't last long, so get yours today. Inspiration awaits...

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Field Guide | Campfire Field Notes Memo Books

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Field Notes’ new Summer Edition Notebook has dropped and it’s as awesomely nostalgic as you’d imagine. This Chicago based company is celebrating its 35’th Quartly Edition with the Campfire Series, a collection of three notebooks inspired by wilderness adventures and campfire tales. Each 48 page notebook is colorfully printed using a photographic halftone technique and represents a different stage of fire, from dusk ‘till dawn. And, because every fireside adventure deserves to be rewarded, each limited edition set comes with your very own Campfire Master patch.

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Field Trip | The Innovation Hub

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We recently took a field trip to The Innovation Hub, a collaborative and diverse community of all ages, interests, and skill levels. Located in North Little Rock's Argenta Historic District, this creative paradise is accessible and open to anyone who wants to learn and build.


The makerspace offers everything you need for a variety of disciplines, including cutting-edge equipment and technologies with experienced mentorship. From a full wood and metal shop to 3D printers and advanced computer technology, the sky's the limit!  "Geek," "nerd," and, "dweeb," are all terms that are celebrated here, so you'll feel at home no matter what you consider yourself.

Bring your vision to life in their arts and design studios. These inspired and innovative spaces encompass multiple mediums, including pottery/ceramics, painting, drawing, illustration, graphic design, printmaking, and screen printing. Resources, professional mentorship, and encouragement are all provided!

The workspace area is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who are looking for an inspiring and collaborative environment to launch new enterprises. Full of amazing resources and guidance, this space is there to help you avoid mistakes and accelerate your success as well as house a temporary office and conference rooms for a quiet space to create, convene, and collaborate.

The Innovation Hub believes that challenges of the 21st-century economy require us to do everything we can to develop, retain, and attract talent. That demands a collaborative community approach which exposes everyone to creative possibilities and offers ready access to the information, resources, and instruction they need to bring their ideas to fruition. Big thanks to these guys for creating an open environment with tools, technology, equipment, and support, along with the opportunity to learn and build through formal and informal programs. The result is an acceleration of innovation that leads to new products, new businesses, and new works of art, as well as an enhanced appreciation for what is possible when provided the pathways for every individual to realize his or her potential.

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Arkansas Summer Camp Guide

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Each summer over 6,500 kids choose to spend their days exploring acres of beautiful forested terrain at the incomparable Camp Ozark. With over 150 activities to participate in, this camp is full of fun, adventure and life-long memories. 
Innovation Hub Brand Camp 
This art camps gives students a chance to learn, create and express themselves while having fun. Each week-long session features a new technique: creating pottery, painting, screen printing and textiles.
Students can explore the world of Minecraft and learn to become a LEGO Master. They can also explore outer space or have more down to earth activities exploring the natural world. Try Science Sampler Week for a little bit of everything. Wiggle Worm Wednesdays introduce children ages 4-6 to the camp experience.

These week-long summer sessions will be open June 19-July 27. Rowers 12 & up can participate in a fun introduction to small-boat rowing, or continue their skill development. 

Camp Winnamocka offers an imagination-driven frontier adventure for boys and girls ages 7-15. With a small enrollment of 120 campers, it's ensured that their top-notch and well-trained counselors will help shape, challenge, and teach your kids about teamwork, positive attitudes, and friendships rooted in respect. Your child’s days will be spent facing-off against Blackbeard in one of the camp's two full-size pirate ships, searching for hidden treasure, fending off an attack against Fort Crown Point, or hanging out in their very own Swiss Family Treehouse. There’s also blobbing and all sorts of fun and games to be enjoyed at Tom’s Swimming Hole, the Tropical Pool, or the Bermuda Triangle.

This three-day adventure camp for children ages 8-12 will have them leap into a whole other world of exciting life on the Delta. Kids can join a park interpreter in this fun-filled adventure to play in the dirt and explore everything from the algae in our ponds to the fibers of our clothes. Activities include gardening, games, "green" crafts, and more. Space is limited and reservations are required. Fee covers snacks and day camp supplies.

Nike Basketball Camp Episcopal 

The Complete Skills Camp helps players of all abilities develop athletically, refine fundamental basketball skills and enhance their skill set at the post, wing or guard position.

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Field Trip | The Wildflower Revue

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Photo by Matthew Martin 

Last Saturday night hundreds gathered at Little Rock's historic Dreamland Ballroom to celebrate the release of the self-titled debut album from The Wildflower Revue. Formed in 2015 by musical artists Amy Garland Angel, Bonnie Montgomery and Mandy McBryde, the band is a southern girl-group overflowing with mountain harmonies, and epic tales of love, loss and sin-soaked outlaw revelry. With echoes of Patsy Cline, Emmy Lou Harris, Lucinda WIlliams and The Dixie Chicks, the group has created an exquisite homage to traditional country/folk/Americana, with a unique and current texture all it's own.

"The ten original songs and three surprising covers are laced with some of the most gorgeous harmonies this side of Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt's Trio project."
-The Arkansas Democrat Gazette 

These gals are makin' some waves, so just remember, you heard it here first! The album is a genre-crossing classic and a true showcase of soulful Southern musicality. Every song is sure to be your new favorite, trust us. Now available for download on CD Baby. (Signed copies available here at Domestic Domestic while they last!)


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