A Little About Us

Domestic Domestic was founded in 2013 as a collaboration of sorts- adopting a modern-day approach to quality, time-tested goods. We like to think of ourselves as matchmakers here, connecting conscientious customers with ethical companies. We sell what inspires. We sell what intrigues. And, above all else, we sell what we believe in: well-made objects created by people who live their dreams. If we don’t love it, we don't expect you to.

Our product selection is rigorous. Countless hours are spent curating a collection of unique objects, crafted with attention to quality, function and design. Nothing is added without reason. And everything has a story to tell. We believe that, when something is made well, you can be proud of what you are putting your money behind. 

We believe in the quality of American-made goods. And most importantly, we believe in fairly employing the people who make those goods. It is our hope that, by introducing our customers to these companies, we can foster support for generations of future artists and tradesmen.