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Every city is full of hidden gems, sometimes it just takes a little digging to find them. Our latest venture led us to a quiet paradise in the heart of Little Rock AR, where we found Dunbar Garden, blooming with colorful bounty and rich in community spirit.
Since 1992, Dunbar has served as a non-profit organization with a mission to preserve the relationship between education and the natural world. The garden provides hands-on, outdoor learning activities to all ages. It also participates in farmer's markets during the growing season and hosts a variety of workshops and events throughout the year. (The Annual Pig Roast, and Backyard Chicken Workshop are a few personal favorites.)
If you’ve never experienced the garden, we suggest visiting soon. Stepping through the gate feels like entering a new and beautiful world. And after spending a few moments there, it's almost easy to forget you're in the city. This rustic paradise in the city is equipped with a greenhouse, numerous plants, flowers, fresh local produce and a small variety of livestock including (brace yourself!) baby goats. 
Dunbar grows a variety of row crops like cabbage, lettuce, squash, zucchini, cucumber. An assortment of herbs and flowers are often abundant. And they proudly produce "the hottest peppers in the world (which are entered annually into The Root Cafe's Pepper Eating Contest). Of course, farming can be fickle. No matter the amounting of planting and planning, things can change. But every challenge is met with excitement and innovation, and the folks at the garden are always ready to keep it interesting.  In recent years, Dunbar has introduced beehives, producing pounds of sweet local honey.
The garden is located at 1800 South Chester St, and open Monday-Friday. Donations are greatly appreciated as they help to offset the cost of this incredible program. So plan an afternoon visit and be amazed by all that these fine folks are doing to grow our community. 
"Only two things that money can't buy:
That's true love & homegrown tomatoes."
- Guy Clark 
Hands-on experience? Ask them about participating in their barter system. Anyone in the community can come volunteer and take home whatever is ready. It's part of what makes this small urban teaching garden such an incredible space. Dunbar has also partnered with many of Little Rock's favorite restaurants. They also grow and provide hops to local breweries free of cost in exchange for tasty brews which are served during many of the garden's festivities. 
Many thanks to Dunbar Community Garden Project for their hospitality, and for serving as stewards of environmental consciousness here in our home town. Our visit left us incredibly inspired (and maybe a little hungry.) 

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