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Good Luck Mini | Frog

  • Approx. 3 cm x 1 in

These tiny frogs look ready to hop. They’ll certainly stick around for a rainforest school project or party, or they make fine giveaways or decorations for an Earth Day event.

The purpose of the Red-Eyed Tree frog’s red eyes is anyone’s guess. Some scientists have postulated that the shocking color might give predators pause. The frogs live in the rainforests spanning from southern Mexico through Central America to the northern part of South America.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Barrett Kelly

Super cute and exactly as described! Perfect little frog to put on the corner of my desk at work!

i have a question

Are they real frogs cause they kinda look like plushy

Ely Sal
Awesome stocking stuffers

I got a bunch of these super cute little guys to give to kids I know. the best part is they dont hurt to step on barefoot so the parents dont have anything to worry about.

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