Let the Good Times Roll: Jazzy Treats for Mardi Gras

Let the Good Times Roll: Jazzy Treats for Mardi Gras

We love getting festive and Mardi Gras always provides a great opportunity. This week we decided to get the good times rolling with a few of our favorite treats. 

This jazzy crème brûlée was so quick and easy. You can follow any basic recipe (can't go wrong with Betty Crocker) and then just jazz it up with green and purple colored sugar. 

Use a piece of paper or a cutting board to section off where you want your sugar. Since our crème brûlée is already a golden yellow we're adding our colors to each side to give it some Mardi Graz pizzazz. 

Then throw it under the broiler or use a torch just enough to give it that crispy crunchy top. Breaking through the sugar is everyone's favorite part, right?!

And it wouldn't be a proper celebration without a cocktail! Check out our Instagram to see James (our very own in-house bartender) shake things up with his signature King Cake Cocktail. 

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