Field Tasted | Our Top 3 Onyx Coffee Blends

Field Tasted | Our Top 3 Onyx Coffee Blends

Good bean juice does, in fact, make you go fast. And we can always count on Onyx to create brews that titillate the senses. Based in northwest Arkansas, Onyx is a nationally recognized, award-winning roaster that prides itself on excellence and high-quality coffee. Though every roast warms our heart, we can’t stop pouring these three brews over (and over) again:

Southern Weather

Origin: Colombia, Ethiopia

While the weather in Arkansas has a mind of its own, Onyx’s Southern Weather strives for balance. Sporting a comfortable taste with notes of milk chocolate, plum, and walnuts, it’s no surprise this roast is Onyx’s (and our) bestseller. The washed Colombian and Ethiopian blend is perfect for people trying Onyx for the first time or who prefer a more traditional brew—so regardless of the time of year, this coffee is always in season.

Tropical Weather

Origin: Ethiopia 

When warm, summer days feel like a figment of your imagination, Tropical Weather is here to help. If you’re looking for a brew that hits a little deeper than Southern Weather, this is it. Onyx created this roast to highlight their love of Ethiopian coffee, and the 50/50 blend of washed and natural beans has been fine-tuned to create a cup “greater than the sum of its parts.” Featuring a floral aroma with notes of plum, berries, and sweet tea, each sip feels like liquid sunshine.


Origin: Colombia, Ethiopia

If you want to experience coffee from a new angle, let us give you a sine. Geometry—in coffee form, at least—is Onyx’s best subject. As a washed processed Ethiopian and Colombian blend, this brew offers notes of berries, sweet lemon, black tea and honey. The combination of flavors works equally well as an espresso or filtered coffee, and is a light (though equally vibrant) alternative to Southern Weather.

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