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Retail Olympics 2021

July 19, 2021

Retail Olympics 2021

It's all fun and games 'till... Well, yesterday it was all fun and games. In the spirit of the Summer Olympics our staff put on the 1st Annual Retail Olympics. We went head to head in the Dumpster Toss, Speed Wrap, Super Sweep, MMX, Mario Cart & Name that Scent. Competitive is an understatement. But damn it was fun!

We began with the Box Master. James & Daniel. Sportsmanship was checked at the door. But so was James Lindahl after Daniel Frazier taped him up.
Next up, the Marshmallow Crossbow Attack. Followed by the Mack Shenker Attack!
The competition got a little heated in the Super Sweeper. Fruit Loops can do that to you. But in the end, we all know Beth Quarles is a winner! (And James Lindahl and Beth are a perfect 10 as American Gothic)
Boo ya!
A common struggle among all retailers is the dumpster. Often bags can weigh as much a 3rd grader. The Dumpster Toss is a test of a true retail professional. 
We all fight with technology. It makes life easier, right?
The bar code scanners can be your best friend and your enemy all in the same transaction. Indigo Anderson-Moore's quick spin but Daniel back on the charger. This twisting challenge got The Flying Squirrels back in the game. 
Quite possibly the world's fastest gift wrapper, Heather D. Smith, crushed Indigo at the Gift Wrap Challenge. Even with a paper pull handicap, this challenge was not a challenge at all. Is there such a thing as the World Championship of Gift Wrap? 
Can a box be a trophy?
The most popular candle line at the shop is Sydney Hale. You have to know the goods to sell them. In the Name That Scent Challenge sniffing blindfolded had us all in a sudden death smell off.
Speed comes in handy in a retail shop. But never more important that at the end of a long shift when the cardboard needs to be broken down. Daniel crushed the Box Break Down, injury free, I might add. 
And our final battle of the day was the Trash Can B-Ball. No matter the profession, Trash Can Hoops is always a source of pride. But check out Beth's celebratory dance!
Happy dance!
Final Score...
Tokyo Drift: 6
The Flying Squirrels: 5
And a special thanks to Sarah Ort for judging and Mandy McBryde for filming. From Greece, see you next year!

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